Increase The Efficiency Of Your Meetings

MetaMoJi Share provides an innovative and secure platform for the creation, delivery and management of sales, team, leadership and board meeting materials. Real-time collaboration, presentation tools, distribution to devices and archival help structure, run and follow-up meetings.

Improve Meeting Productivity

Share puts information, such as documents, schedules and logistics, at the users fingertips through their mobile devices. Information is always up to date and shows modifications made by other meeting attendees in real-time.

Share can be used to augment other tools such as teleconferencing and videoconferencing. It is designed to remove the need for paper documentation, making it ideal for users on the go. Documents are easily distributed and managed and can be stored in the cloud, or locally in your own IT infrastructure.

Built for Sales, Leadership and Board Meeting Management

Share was created to enable boards and leadership teams to access a multitude of document types easily and collaborate in real-time; wherever their location. Activities are recorded to create an audit trail for decisions made and the ability to sign documents electronically (with an audit tag linked to the users account) enables green-lighting of important decisions to be made immediately.

Attend Meetings Remotely

Even if an attendee can’t be there face-to-face, they can access the meeting from any location on their mobile device. The Share technology is designed to have low bandwidth requirements to drive performance, even over mobile data plans. Arranging meetings with attendees from different countries, or during travel, becomes much easier.

Review Documents On-demand

Authorised meeting attendees can access documents in advance of formal meetings to review and prepare. Open meetings can be created that allow documents to be accessed and annotated as users have time. This flexibility allows Share to be used for a multitude of activities beyond the scope of traditional meetings.

Compile Documents From Multiple Sources

Existing documentation from office products and PDF’s can be imported into Share. For documents that need to contain multiple types of source information (for example, Excel, Word and PowerPoint) Share allows these documents to be combined into a single meeting book.
In any document you can add images, record audio and link web content to enrich the attendees experience .

Available Clients

The MetaMoJi Share client is available on most mobile platforms. The administration portal is a web application that can be accessed from any modern browser to manage users and other system tasks.