GEMBA helps to capture structured form and freehand information for decision making, analysis, reporting and document archival. GEMBA is used across all areas of construction and civil engineering and by other industries involving any field based activities.

Inspired by the Gemba Kaizen concepts of continuously finding improvement where the work actually takes place, GEMBA brings the key productivity functions found across multiple applications into a single mobile app.

How Is It Used?

See It In Action

Designed alongside world-leading construction engineers

Gemba Note For Business was created from our multi-award winning notes platform to cater for the day to day needs of workers on-site and in-office, with close input and feedback from one of Japan’s largest construction companies.

Gemba Note For Business can be used throughout your organization, across a range of roles and functions. Current construction and engineering uses include:

  • Design – Architect, Structural Engineer, Geospatial Modeller
  • Surveying – Quantity Surveyor, Building Surveyor, Hydographic Surveyor
  • Management – Construction Manager, Project Manager, Site Supervisor
  • Planning – Planner, Facilities Manager

Flexible Information Capture

Information comes in many forms and Gemba Note For Business is designed to help you capture it quickly. Gemba Note For Business combines the flexibility of pen and paper with digital media capture directly from your tablet.

Key features include:

  • Spreadsheet components let you perform calculations and structured data input
  • Record audio directly into your page for archival and further analysis
  • Take photographs using the camera or import from your camera roll anywhere in the document
  • Smooth ink drawing with a wide variety of pen styles and colours
  • Vector graphics system (as used in CAD applications) means you can fine tune and modify anything you draw on the page
  • Move, scale and rotate anything on your notes page without losing quality
  • Easily switch to entering text using your keyboard
  • Pre-defined shapes library for quick re-use
  • Form and paper templates available or easily import your own existing forms



Forms & Spreadsheets

GEMBA is delivered with a selection of form templates and any form you have in PDF or office format can be imported to the system and used. In addition you can add the built-in spreadsheet component to any page of your document to capture data and perform calculations.

We deliver a number of pre-defined forms with Gemba Note For Business but you are not restricted to using these. Simply import any existing forms from PDF or office documents and use them as templates within the app. Forms can be multi-page and it is easy to create a copy of any page layout if more space is needed.

The built-in spreadsheet component can be used to capture data in a tabular manner and perform simple calculations. It is available to add and position wherever you want it, as many times as you need it.

Powerful Diary Management Mode

Gemba Note For Business includes a powerful diary management mode. Pages in your notebook are timestamped at creation and can then be easily found via our innovative calendar layout.

Including time and date information in a page automatically allows you concentrate on capturing information without worrying about how to organise each note. At any time you can see your note pages in date order, or use the calendar view to focus on pages created on a specific day.

Work the way you want, for example using a different notebook for each project, functional area or customer. Each workbook can be time-stamped and organized to meet your requirements.


Innovative Reminder and Alert Management

Gemba Note For Business allows you to add a reminder or alert to any content within your notebook. You can filter out each type of activity quickly and see a snapshot of the entire activity – not just a text description.

Quickly and easily mark up your information with actions by selecting the content (it can be anything including photographs, drawings, handwriting and any combination of these together) and then assigning a customizable action tag. These can then be searched, extracting the content from your note pages and displaying them in a concise manner.

Audio Recording

Easily capture audio and voice recordings in your notes. If recording voice notes is more convenient simply start the recording process with a quick tap. This feature also lets you record the sound of your site, from equipment noises to meetings or explanations from colleagues.

Gemba Note For Business was designed to help get more value while on-site and we recognize that not all information is visual. Use the built-in microphone of your tablet to record audio directly to your note page and playback at your convenience.