MetaMoJi ClassRoom

Classroom is a software application that helps educators use technology to enhance the learning experience
and to extend teaching outside of the typical classroom environment.

See ClassRoom in action

Learn how Share for Classroom can be used in different modes to visually enhance teaching your students. The video shows how to control what all students see (so they cannot modify the document from their own tablets), how to monitor all students tablets in real-time as they work on their own documents, how to manage questions and requests for help from students, and how students can work in teams to collaboratively learn.

What is ClassRoom?

ClassRoom is an application available on iPad, Android, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It enables teachers to import and create lesson materials and then manage their delivery to and collection from students. PDF and office document formats can be imported into the software from a variety of sources. Students can read content, use the rich editing tools to add drawings, text, photos and more to pages, work in teams or even entire classes, and finally submit finished work electronically. Educators can monitor all students working in real-time, even remote learners and assist individuals with collaborative editing on their work. Advanced features such as handwriting recognition tools, templates, shapes and more are also available.

How does it work?

MetaMoJi ClassRoom uses a combination of cloud and visual technologies. Students and educators use the ClassRoom client on their tablet, laptop or desktop to access, synchronise, and edit documents. Educators and system administrators use the web-based console to edit the structure of classes and to maintain user accounts and licenses. All of the servers and other cloud IT requirements are supplied by MetaMoJi within the cost of the product and are available via an Internet connection. For larger deployments there are also on-premise options available as well as a bespoke installation in a virtual private cloud via Amazon Web Services.

What does it cost?

$30 per user account per year starting at 20 users.