Collaborate on Documents
Using MetaMoJi Share

Experience improved document review, material approval and interactive presentations.
Control access and even treat any page like a virtual whiteboard.

Works on Windows 8/10, iOS and Android devices

Import any existing PDF or office documents and share them in real-time

Turns any document into a virtual whiteboard for team collaboration

Presenter controls let Share be used as a rich and interesting presentation tool

Utilises mobile hardware and O/S technologies to deliver a true ‘e-paper & ink’ experience for users.

Mashup images, text, drawings and audio

Meeting notes have never been so visual! Capture the conversation in real-time, add graphics, web pages captures, photos or documents.

Works with Agile methodologies: sometimes documents need to live beyond a single meeting. Share lets authorized team members jump in and out of documents, at any time and undertake an interactive approach to document review and collaboration.

Massively Multi-User Documents (MMD)

Manage up to a hundred users in real-time on your document workspace.

Import existing PDF and office documents into your Share session and annotate them.

Ideal for meetings, conferences, seminars and in the classroom.

Changes made by any users are reflected in near real-time to all attendees.

Copies of the document can be issued in PDF format via email or document storage service straight from your mobile device.

Do more than just present documents

Zoom anywhere to utilise all of the space in your document pages.

Reposition and scale any information you capture to keep the ideas flowing.

Easily add new document pages or insert existing content in real-time

Record audio, take photographs, insert existing images, capture web page content

Manage how participants can behave during meetings, allowing adjustments to permissions during your meetings

Secure and fast

Share can automatically save changes to documents and record every input, whether in real-time or as participants log in to sessions.

Business editions of Share allow web based management of users and documents to aid meeting organizers and co-ordinators.

Real-time, Paperless, Document Annotation & Presentation

MetaMoJi Share for Business is an application that enables paperless and operational efficiency, taking full advantage of the benefits provided by modern touch displays. Share lets users interact with visual and written information during meetings to communicate more effectively than traditionally achieved by just watching and listening. It is equipped with many different functions to support meeting management, from preparing and distributing materials, conducting meetings, and after meeting reviews and archiving.

Share was designed to promote information exchange and brainstorming between users in geographically diverse locations. It helps bring experts together to create solutions, to review and assist other professionals and to authorise documents.

Board & Leadership Teams

Visual Interaction With Remove Team Members

Retail Front Office Presentation and Order Taking

Connecting Field Workers To Their Colleagues & Head Office

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