Mobile Productivity Solutions

MetaMoJi products have been designed to change the way we use modern computing technologies in business and education. Our focus is on developing innovative and productive ways to make it easier to interact with technology while being creative and imaginative.

Business Solutions

In the office or on the move,
MetaMoJi products help you get more from your touch screen technology.
Capturing ideas, annotating documents,
enriching meetings and presenting information are made easy for individuals and teams.

share for business

Make Your Teams Even More Productive

Share for Business adds real-time collaboration on documents to the power of MetaMoJi Note. Enhance meetings, brainstorm locally and remotely, and create fully interactive presentations. Share harnesses the power of the cloud, allowing up to one hundred users to make modifications at the same time, with all changes reflected to connected participants in real-time.

* Educational use and volume discounts apply. Ask for a more information.

Education Solutions

Technology has the power to transform the classroom.
Changing the way we teach. Changing the way we learn.
MetaMoji products let you draw, write, type, speak and capture
images and web content individually or in groups.
Mixing technology and learning becomes more fluid and manageable.

share for classroon

Classroom is a software application that helps educators use technology to enhance the learning experience and to extend teaching outside of the typical classroom environment.

For Teachers

Plan and design lessons visually, including existing PDF and office documents if needed. Shared Drives allow classes and teams to access and collaborate on the same documents. Connect your device to a compatible display and share your documents to present a virtual whiteboard with scalable content including drawing, handwriting, images, websites and audio. Teach at a distance using our cloud based real-time streaming collaboration technologies.

For Students

Take lecture and revision notes that can be categorised and searched, mixing lots of different types of content including handwriting and audio. Improve on standard pen and paper with notes that are automatically backed up into the cloud and provide a scalable drawing area allowing repositioning and editing of content on a massive scale. Create workgroups and teams with the ability to share documents and work on content at the same time, in real-time.

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Product Variations and Services

We provide a number of Note for Business variations. These include options that don’t include our cloud service, using your company logo and colours, disabling product features and customising built in stickers and item library.

For enterprises, solution partners and system integrators we provide APIs to integrate our products into business processes, with professional services support to assist your teams. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.