Getting started with MetaMoJi Share for Business

Which version of Share is best for my needs?

If you need to manage your users and want to have all the advanced features of the Share client applications available then we recommend Share for Business. This adds a web based organization console that allows you to manage participants and prepare meetings. The clients also include advanced meeting views and many features that need to be bought in the Individual version of Share.

The individual version of Share allows all service payments and add ons to be purchased through the app store of the operating system being used. Participants of meetings can use the free Individual client to connect but would need to purchase any add ons through their own app store accounts.

How do I get a MetaMoJi Share account?

MetaMoJi Share for Business requires that you have registered with us to receive a company id and administrator account. You can then add user accounts to your instance of Share for Business and download the free Share for Business client app from the app store of your choice (iOS, Android, Win8/10)

MetaMoJi Share (Individual) can be downloaded directly from the App Store. We supply a free version that you can try first, and then a paid version that unlocks more advanced features and provides access for a period of time. Additional months of access can be purchased through the app as required.

For links to download clients on the different platforms visit: How to get MetaMoJi Share

Preparing your first meeting

When you have your account admin credentials, log in to the Share administration site and prepare your user accounts. Once these are set up you can either create a new document within the Share for Business client or use the administration console to create a new meeting from the web.

Can I share existing PDF and office documents?

Yes! You can import existing office documents through the client apps directly or using the Share Co-ordinator web application.

Inviting attendees

Add participants to your Share document. They can now see the meeting from their meeting co-ordinator view within the client app and join by tapping the meeting from the list.

Alternatively you can email the document to participants and they simply open the document in the Share client app to join the meeting. Share for Business will take care of ensuring that their document view is updated to the latest version once they connect.

Various functions that support efficient meetings

Real time document sharing

The results of editing by participants are mutually shared in real time.
Things can be pointed out with a laser pointer.

A meeting can be conducted with the same roles as previous meetings

Distributing materials and starting meetings are smoother

Adding materials even after a meeting has started is possible

Even after a meeting has started, materials and pages can be easily added on site.
Personal notes can be written

Intuitive editing function facilitates a dynamic conversation

Intuitive use and editing is possible
and will not hinder discussions and thinking.
The new freehand drawing function gives greater convenience

Write your own notes

Notes are not visible to other participants in private mode.
Only you can write.

Easy information management after meetings

Meeting materials can be printed as PDF files.
In addition, materials, notes (everyone/individual),
and speeches (voice recorder function)
can be collectively managed in one share note.