MetaMoJi Share is used by customers all over the world to improve their design process.


Share is used by software development teams, UX experts, architects, engineers, electricians and many other roles to visually collaborate on designs and their supporting documentation in real-time and stand-alone. Documents such as:


Technical & Architectural Drawings

Publication Layouts

UX flows and screen wireframes


With Share you can import existing PDF and Office documents, create shape templates to re-use in your designs, add sketches, text, and handwriting to documents and add images directly from a devices camera or album. Everything can be re-positioned, sized and rotated through our award winning use of vector image technology.

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Work together from anywhere
Share with clients, partners and internal teams

Effortless Collaboration

Our award winning technology allows multiple users to collaborate on documents at the same time or as they need to access them. Changes are streamed via our cloud service.


Provides a rich set of tools to manage simple and complex design requirements.

Features for Design

Easily work with images, handwriting, text and shapes. Create your own wireframe parts and insert with a tap.


Work offline or connect securely from your Windows 8/10, Android or iOS device.

Flexible Sharing

Manage meetings with set times or create open projects for ongoing changes. Connectivity is secured over SSL. Safely share existing Office and PDF documents.

Want to learn more about Share?

Share is used for many purposes and has a wealth of features. Our consultants are available to help determine how to best apply it to solve your business requirements, but you can also read more about the Share platform by clicking the button below.

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