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What do we use this information for?

Your contact details will be used to register a trial license for you to evaluate the MetaMoJi ClassRoom product.

After you complete this form our support team will create a license for your organisation and email you the details (to the email address given in the form). This process can take up to 24 hours.

You will receive a unique organisation ID that you can use to log into your trial using the ClassRoom client app that you can download from the App Store for your users.


Please don’t close the window while the message is sending. You will automaticaly be redirected to the main page.

* We offer a free trial of MetaMoJi Classroom for 30 days. During this time we are available to help you tailor our solutions for your business or school. After completing this form we will send you an email with instructions to get you started. MetaMoJi Share for Classroom is available on iOS and Windows 8 & 10 only.